DPM asks KMC to transform concrete jungle Kathmandu into greenery


KATHMANDU, June 15:Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa, who visibly seemed dissatisfied over the present state of Kathmandu’s environment, strictly asked the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) office to seriously work toward transforming the capital city from the present state as concrete jungle to a greenery place.
DPM Thapa, who heads the ministry of foreign minister and the ministry of federal affairs and local development, asked the KMC officials to improve the situation of the Kathmandu city without any further delay.

  • Thapa wants the greenery seen in Kathmandu during 18th SAARC summit back in place in one-and-half months

“The KMC must make Kathmandu a clean, bright and green city. These days this capital city looks like a cemented jungle, which shouldn’t remain as it is any longer,” Thapa told the officials as he was at the KMC office at Bagdurbar in an inspection visit on Wednesday.

“When we travel some capital cities abroad, we find our capital city Kathmandu isn’t even comparable with those cities. Though we see best examples abroad we fail to practice it in our home country. This is our main problem which must be improved soon,” Thapa told the officials. He said people in Nepal are mainly obsessed with development activities while forget about greenery. “That is why Kathmandu as become a cemented jungle. So, we should focus on environmental greenery while preparing urban development plans.”

Thapa was quick to thank the KMC officials for carrying out the waste management tasks. He however argued that the duty wouldn’t complete just by handling the issue of waste management. He said the KMC should also be able to develop the capital city as a clean and green.

He expressed his serious dissatisfaction over the KMC’s failure to maintain the greenery that was developed during the 18th summit of the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC). “I had seen very nice greenery Kathmandu roadsides during the 18th SAARC summit,” he said. “Now, I don’t see the greenery in the same roads. So I want that kind of greenery back within one and half months.” He also directed the KMC officers for planting the tree alongside the roads. The SAARC summit was hosted in Kathmandu in November 2014.

He also strictly ordered the KMC officials to properly manage wires of electricity, telephone and cable along the roads and inside streets to improve beauty of the city.

Similarly, he instructed the officials to lighten public places such as streets and heritage sites by installing solar lights. He also assured the KMC to provide budget from the government for the purpose if needed. During the DPM visit at KMC office, the KMC Chief and Executive Officer Rudra Singh Tamang briefed him about KMC’s future plans and ongoing works.

First appeared in Republica natioal daily